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Emotion Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is based on assumption, that our emotions inform us about our needs and take so a key role in our everyday life as well as by our important life decisions.

EFT is evidence based therapy and is the scientific answer to what exactly helps clients in therapy.


To whom is EFT suitable ?

EFT therapy is suitable for you, when you are experiencing states of irritability, anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, suffer of insomnia, worry a lot, suffer panic attacks or have other uncomfortable bodily sensations. EFT is experiential work, in which EFT therapist will be encouraging you to open yourself to heavy and hurtful feelings, name and express them. To come in contact with emotional pain is necessary, so these emotions could consequently transform through advancing assertivity and compassion to yourself. During our work we will focus more on your feelings about the issue that you come with, than on what you think about it.

What EFT isn't.

EFT is not solution focused therapy. Its aim is not to help you to solve you specific issue. As EFT therapist I won't give you advice, what you should do regarding your issue. I will be focusing on transformation of your hurtful feelings related to this issue.

What is the aim of EFT.

Transformation of your hurtful feelings can help you increase your flexibility a sensibleness of your emotional life, increase your emotional perceptivity and contribute to a bigger sense of your agency and maturity. Aim of EFT is so increase overall quality of your emotional life. E.g. in case of depressive feelings, EFT can help you in a way, that later on in this questionnary you will reach overall score close to zero.


1Form of therapy sessions
Sessions take place by default 1 x weekly, up to your preference either in-person in wider centre of Bratislava or through videocall in RingCentral application. Online sessions have been widely proven and work very similar to in-person sessions.
Price for one 50-minutes session is 55 EUR.
After your consent our sessions will be recorded for supervision purposes. Any other use of recorded material is out of the question and after it's use for supervision it will be deleted. Recording of sessions ensures higher quality of provided care and entails no risk for you.

I am psychologist and graduate of Emotion Focused Therapy training led by Dr. Ladislav Timuľák.

I have master degree in psychology from Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava. After my studies I worked as therapist in Addiction Centre in Bratislava. Currently my main point of interest is Emotion Focused Therapy.

I am also attendant of psychotherapy training in Daseinsanalysis under the aegis of Prague College of Psychosocial Studies.

I enjoy therapeutic work, particularly therapeutic work in form of Emotion Focused Therapy and it inspires me at the same time. I enjoy imaginative part of EFT because I like using my phantasy during work. Being witness of client's vulnerability and his fight with it leads me to better contact with me and people around me.

Robert Bindas

Are you interested or do you have more questions ?

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